Testing for meth

"If you are ever in the most unfortunate situation of needing to clean up a meth lab, Bill York of Meth Remediators - division of Bio Specialists, is the person for the job. Bill took the time to listen to my story. He was compassionate, knowledgeable and trustworthy. And when told that a list of damages was due to the court by the end of the week, he went the extra mile and drove 4 hours to my home to get the testing completed in time for the results to be back by the end of the week. Very quick response time. I would highly recommend Bill for this type of work."
~ Rose Avenia

Have you ever wondered if your home, office or rental property has been a meth lab in the past or if it has been used by meth addicts? Much more common than you think.

The recent growth is shocking: Meth Lab Incidents in Northern New England. Of course this is only the incidents law enforcement is aware of.

In this case, what you don't know CAN really hurt you!

For many years there have been great property deals out there, especially foreclosures but how many of these properties have been tested for meth? Sadly, some foreclosures may have been due to the fact that the property was being used for meth manufacturing or inhabitants using methamphetamines. Many prospective property buyers are not aware that their state does not require meth lab usage disclosure or meth residue testing.

The chemicals used to manufacture meth and the by-products from using meth are harmful and can even be lethal. They affect porous surfaces and can leave residue on your walls, your furniture and more. If you are a property owner, landlord or property manager that suspects the use or manufacture of methamphetamine in a house or office it is highly recommended you get it tested as soon as possible.

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The DEA has a National Clandestine Laboratory register with addresses for labs or dumpsites by state that have not been remediated. It is not always current but it is a good place to check.


Our highly trained meth remediators will test various locations in the home or office that have been suspected of meth use or manufacture. These locations include walls, sub-floors, ceilings and inside cabinets. All porous building materials will need to be tested within the property and in several of the rooms.

Self testing kits are available upon request with lab results available in approximately one week.