Signs of a Meth Lab or Usage

Some of the things to look out for:

  • Yellowish discolorations on wall, drains, sinks and showers.
  • Bluish discolorations on faucets, fire extinguishers and propane tank valves.
  • Fire detectors removed from the house or tape covering them.
  • Strong solvent odors in the home - odors similar to ammonia or cat urine.
  • Bleach stains on the carpet or flooring.
  • Dark stains in sinks (yellow, purple or red).
  • Burn piles in the yard.
  • Graffiti or writing on the walls.
  • Closed circuit television cameras inside and/or outside the property.
  • Burning in the eyes, itchy throat, metallic taste in the mouth and breathing problems in the home.
  • Large quantities of common household items including ammonia, drain cleaner, muriatic acid, starting fluid, matches, refrigeration lubricant, alcohol, paint thinner, acetone and benzene can be indicators of meth lab use.

Signs of meth lab waste:

  • Cold/allergy medicine packaging
  • Empty containers from: Heet, antifreeze, ether, starting fluids, freon, lye, drain cleaners, paint thinner or acetone
  • Coffee filters with white pasty, powdery or red substance
  • Coolers or thermos bottles
  • Propane tanks

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