Meth Crystals

10 Facts about the Drug Crystal Meth:

One sugar packet contains about the equivalent of 1 gram of meth.

A clinical dose of meth is about .5 Mg there are approximately 200 clinical doses in one packet.

In the same packet there are 20 threshold doses. A threshold dose is the smallest amount of exposure that results in a detectable symptom which could be an accelerated heart rate or dilated pupils. Nasty stuff!

Meth users are very sketchy and paranoid while using the drug. Sometimes these cooks/ users urinate and save the liquid in gallon jugs. Sometimes police will find many jugs containing urine for future use. Yes, to be used later and cooked down through an extraction process to make more meth. About 2 grams of useable meth can be extracted from a gallon of urine.

There are approximately 11 million homes contaminated with meth in the United States - Get your property tested TODAY!

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