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"Meth labs have been found in some pretty strange places. To name a few: college campuses, hotel rooms, vehicles, and even inside a nursing home. But the most common, and logical (if setting up a meth lab anywhere could be considered logical) place is in a rental property, or home. After all of the cleanup, and the extensive procedures to take care of a previous meth lab on a property, is it still necessary to inform new renters, or potential buyers?"

Are you obligated to disclose previous meth contamination on your property? - Reality Times


"Landlords suffer financially from the huge bills from cleanup and repair, legal fees to evict tenants, possible costs to relocate other tenants, insurance issues and the difficulty of re-renting or even selling a previously contaminated property. Meth labs in rental properties are a growing problem and one that can ruin a property owner's business and harm innocent people in the process."

What landlords need to know about meth labs -


Each state regulates whether meth lab disclosure is required or not. Learn what your state does to protect you in a home buying or rental property decision.

The National Clandestine Laboratory register contains addresses for all non-remediated meth lab properties. Be aware that it is not always current.

Nearly a dozen mobile meth labs taken off the streets - Article on


Did you know that meth users sometimes use their own urine to extract meth?

Tinkle Tweaking -


  • "About 30-35% of labs seized are residences with children"
  • "35% - 55% of children removed from meth labs test positive for meth"
  • "10% of children removed from homes of heavy users test positive for meth"
Meth Residue Study - By Kate Serrano, MPH

"Children living in those labs might as well be taking the drug directly."

Toxic Brew of Chemicals Cooked Up in Meth Labs - National Jewish Health

"Drywall (gypsum boards) commonly used in buildings can adsorb indoor air pollutants and release them later exposing occupants over long periods of time."

Adsorption & Desorption Capacity of methamphetamine in Gypsum Drywall - By Hongwan Li

"The study concluded that exposures may still present a significant inhalation exposure well after the actual cook."

A 24-hour study to investigate persistent chemical exposures associated with clandestine methamphetamine laboratories. - US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health