Most states have laws concerning the use and possession of meth but not to protect prospective home-owners, vehicle purchasers, and renters. Your family, your office-mates and you can be exposed to the dangerous toxins meth leaves behind (even from just one smoke). Here we will provide information on some of the legal aspects of meth disclosure.

The National Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) provides a register of the addresses of meth labs that have not been remediated. These are labs that were raided by police. However they probably represent only a small portion of the properties that have housed a meth lab and no properties that contained meth users. In most cases it is "Buyer Beware!"


Maine does not require that a seller, realtor or property manager disclose that the property you are considering buying was used as a meth lab or by a meth smoker. We recommend that you insist upon meth residue testing before proceeding.

Police investigating meth lab in Old Orchard Beach where white supremacist was arrested - Article on Bangor Daily News. This article was published 9/12/16 and says:

"McCausland said this is the 98th meth lab discovered in Maine so far this year. In all of 2015, just 56 were investigated."

Meth use on the rise - Article on This article was published 7/31/16 and says:

"Already this year, Maine law enforcement agencies have located 61 percent more labs and dump sites than in all of 2015 with five more months remaining in the year. Maine State Police spokesman Stephen McCausland said, as of Thursday, there have been 90 labs and dump sites so far this year. Last year, there were 56; in 2014, there were 37. In 2009, officials found one meth lab statewide."

Effects of Maine's meth labs long lasting - Includes an interview with Bio-Specialists, one of our companies,

Effects of Maine's meth labs long lasting - Includes an interview with Bio-Specialists, one of our companies,

Meth labs on the rise in Maine - Here's a map with links to news stories about meth lab activity in Maine in 2013-3014 via

Meth lab discovered where 6 kids reside -

Maine's 38th meth lab this year found in Brewer -

Channel 13 investigates meth in Maine -

Police report meth lab busts in Ellsworth, Milford-

Meth in Maine, a decade of thwarting supply but little to show for it - Bangor Daily News

Maine police take part in meth lab training -


Massachusetts is a 'buyer beware' state and does not require a lot of disclosures for the home buyer. The burden is on the home buyer to make sure the property is safe. See "Selling a Massachusetts Home: What Are My Disclosure Obligations?"

Officials cite increasing use of meth on Cape, in New England - Cape Cod Times. Owner Bill York of BioSpecialists and Meth Remediators is quoted in the story.

Three men arrested after police find meth lab in Burlington hotel room -

Bio-specialists in the news - Use of Meth on Cape - Cape Cod Times


New Hampshire requires that the seller disclose whether they have any knowledge of methamphetamine production ever occurring on their property. See item S page 3 of the Seller Disclosure form for New Hampshire.

Law remains firm over former meth lab properties -

Bar owner arrested in largest meth seizure in NH history -

Death of NH baby boy leads to meth bust, parents' arrests in Concord - Article on

Nearly a dozen mobile meth labs taken off the streets - Article on


North Carolina requests the property seller disclose:

"25. Are there any hazardous or toxic substances, materials, or products (such as asbestos, formaldehyde, radon gas, methane gas, lead-based paint) which exceed government safety standards, any debris (whether buried or covered) or underground storage tanks, or any environmentally hazardous conditions (such as contaminated soil or water, or other environmental contamination) which affect the property?"

26 arrested in NC drug bust responsible for $4 million of meth - WNCN

Gaston County No. 1 in meth lab busts - Gaston Gazette

North Carolina Couple Charged After 4 Kids Test Positive for Meth - NBC News

Meth Lab Busts - NC Department of Justice, chart of meth lab busts discovered in NC from 2003-2013


Vermont does not currently have any requirement for the property seller to disclose that the property was used as a meth lab or has a meth problem. We recommend that you insist upon meth residue testing before proceeding.

7 arrested in Newport meth bust - WPTZ

Risk Alert: Roadside Meth Waste- New Haven VT