Meth in Your Home

Watch this eye-opening story from MSNBC about one family's experience in their former meth lab home. Their lives were torn apart.
Learn how to avoid buying or moving into a meth house

What happens to your family if meth has been in your home? Meth use is growing steadily. You need to educate yourself.

Whether you have purchased a property and found that it was formerly used as a meth lab or that former tenants or occupants were smoking meth, you and your family, especially your children, are at high risk. First of all, get out of the property. Second, call us and we will decontaminate the property.

Children can suffer these consequences from exposure to the toxic precursor chemicals: poisoning, burns, and lung irritation; damage to the liver, kidneys, heart, brain, and immune system; cancers such as lymphoma and leukemia; bone marrow suppression resulting in anemia and increased risk of infections; and developmental and growth problems, per this article from the US National Laboratory Of Medicine National Institutes of Health.

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The DEA has a National Clandestine Laboratory register with addresses for labs or dumpsites by state that have not been remediated. It is not always current but it is a good place to check.

  • Thinking about buying a foreclosure or REO property? Buyer beware! Some states do not require disclosure that the property was a former meth lab.


Self testing kits are available upon request with lab results available in approximately one week.