About Meth Remediators

"If you are ever in the most unfortunate situation of needing to clean up a meth lab, Bill York of Meth Remediators - division of Bio Specialists, is the person for the job. Bill took the time to listen to my story. He was compassionate, knowledgeable and trustworthy. And when told that a list of damages was due to the court by the end of the week, he went the extra mile and drove 4 hours to my home to get the testing completed in time for the results to be back by the end of the week. Very quick response time. I would highly recommend Bill for this type of work."
~ Rose Avenia

Did you know that your home or rental property could have had a meth lab in it before you moved in? Let us help to protect your family from these dangerous toxins!

We don't use subcontractors for anything other than testing. All our employees are current or former EMS personnel and are OSHA HAZWOPER-certified. OSHA's Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard (HAZWOPER) training program is designed to protect workers safety and health on hazardous sites. Anyone performing meth remediations must follow and adhere to the guidelines set forth by OSHA. Before hiring a meth remediation company make sure they are following these guidelines.

We are also bonded and properly insured for our valued client's piece of mind and our own protection.

This industry does not require a storefront presence. We don't add extra costs to our jobs because we have a large beautiful building to maintain. We are a mobile business having small satellite offices that we work from. We operate keeping our overhead low and pass the cost savings to the customer. We pride ourselves on a great rating from BBB.

Our owner, Bill York, is readily accessible to our clients. Expect to get us on the phone: we don't use call centers or answering services. We can provide our customers with the answers they need. You and your family will feel and be so much safer after the property has been tested and, if necessary, decontaminated.

We have offices in Maine and North Carolina. We work across New England and down the east coast to Florida. Service and respect for our customers, professionalism and discretion are paramount in everything we do - including the use of un-marked vehicles. Meth Remediators is a division of:

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We are also associated with another division:

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We understand how to clean and decontaminate a home! Call a company that cares - we don't see problems ahead we just focus on SOLUTIONS!