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Fast, affordable meth lab cleanup for home owners, property managers and real estate brokers.

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Everyone deserves the right to live and breathe in an environment that is safe from harmful contaminants caused from methamphetamine. There are literally tens of thousands of homes, hotels, automobiles and apartments that have been contaminated by the manufacture of meth or by occupants smoking meth.

Property Buyers! Renters! Did you know that in many states it is not required that you be notified that a meth lab had been found on the property? Protect your family! Insist on a test before proceeding.


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Is Your Rental or Investment Property Harboring Methamphetamine Residues?

We offer meth lab cleanup across New England and down the east coast to Florida!

Meth Remediators is a professional environmental decontamination company, bonded and insured. We test properties for meth residue and, when found, we can neutralize all methamphetamine contaminates. Our vehicles are un-marked for confidentiality and discretion.

"If you are ever in the most unfortunate situation of needing to clean up a meth lab, Bill York of Meth Remediators - division of Bio Specialists, is the person for the job. Bill took the time to listen to my story. He was compassionate, knowledgeable and trustworthy. And when told that a list of damages was due to the court by the end of the week, he went the extra mile and drove 4 hours to my home to get the testing completed in time for the results to be back by the end of the week. Very quick response time. I would highly recommend Bill for this type of work." ~ Rose Avenia

Meth Lab Cleanup

Meth Lab Cleanup